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About Us

About Us

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With a dedicated team of professionals and state-of-the-art print technology we devote skill, care and valued experience to every job we produce.


We work very closely with our customers, however large or small, ensuring that they are aware of the options available, opportunities for improvements and the most efficient and effective methods of progressing their projects to the printing presses. ..


Our customers deal with a named member of staff who will ensure the initial brief is mutually understood and be accountable for its costing, quality and final delivery date. We provide full support and guidance on choice of materials, reprographic methods and utilisation of the most effective technology – as these are all vital elements in producing cost-effective results every time.



‘Each and every job receives the same attention to detail and the same assurance of quality, from start to finish.’

- The PiPi Philosophy

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Our Mission

To sustain leadership in the creative print and packaging market by providing comprehensive and value-added solutions without compromising on quality and innovation.

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Commitment and Values

We work towards and make decisions based upon high ethical standards and remain committed to creating superior and sustainable value for all of our business partners. We strive for excellence through evaluation and enhancements to our services and aim to achieve the highest level of standards within all areas of our business.

Our Story

Pipi Print & Packaging Ltd- a second  generation family business was established in 1982 (known previously as Pipi Printers) with an aim to become a ‘comprehensive’ provider of high quality print and packaging solutions at affordable prices-a maxim which still holds true today.


The original investment in just one printing press immediately paid dividends and soon led to further investment in Heidelberg machinery – generally accepted as the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of printing machines for manufacturing cartons.


By introducing new services through continual investments in specialised areas of print, such as narrow web label printing, miniature folding and decorative print finishing, Pipi has remained one of the most fastest growing and commercially focused print companies in the UK.  Perhaps their most important strategic decision was the investment of their current premises in 1996 -providing 42,000 sq. ft. of production facilities and room for growth in future periods.


The future challenges will be driven by the traditional and successful business ethos of listening to clients and providing the best possible solutions for their requirements. This has been one of our key strengths for over 26 years and we aim to continue this ‘customer driven’ philosophy in the future. The success would not have been possible without the determination and dedication of the Pipi team. Our multi-skilled and well trained experts have been the backbone of our successful past and are the key to a even more successful future.











‘Every job we deliver is a reflection of our customers business…that’s why we insist on rigorous quality control at every stage.’


Achieving consistent quality is essential to serving our customers and ensuring continual business success. Our definition  of quality is to consistently provide solutions that will fulfill our customers’ requirements in every respect – conformance to specification, fit for purpose, value for money and reliability.


Each and every process adheres to our strict ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. Our fully documented procedures and system complies to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). This has enabled us to become an approved and preferred partner to many  pharmaceutical/healthcare companies.


Our QC team are continually monitoring the processes to ensure that the highest possible standards are maintained from start to finish.